Away from the dance floor and tucked in the festival’s secluded enclaves are lush champagne and cocktail bars, a spa, hookah lounge and a wide variety of culinary delights from some of the best restaurants in Marrakech.

The Red City of Marrakech sits at the alluring cultural intersection between Southern Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle-East, and our non-musical programming gives you a taste of the incredible culture that lies beyond the festival.

“It’s not just the musical offering that makes this one special, it’s got a combination of unique traits that give it a chilled out and stress-free atmosphere.”


Some of the best moments at Oasis are when you’re lounging by the pool, sipping a cocktail and grooving to some slender house jams with the sun setting over the horizon. 

We believe that you can come back from a festival feeling relaxed. Tucked away in the many nooks and crannies of the lush festival grounds you can find yoga, a spa and make-up station, champagne and cocktail bars, and some incredible food options from Marrakech’s contemporary food scene.