Artunique is a collective, a project, a passionate result of two young friends gathered by a different but complementary vision of Life and art. Through discovering the melodic high tides to enjoying the classique low ones, they mingle music with a unique perception and emotion, conceiving every artistic project they encounter as a journey one has to enjoy and find his/her way in.

Their quest stated from their respective influences , inspired by lucid tunes and smooth tones, to the experience of digging into those references and putting them together… an experience that took quiet a while in the dark and private, and now revealed and offered to all tastes to be discover…

In 2014, Artunique has benefited from the support from the Ministry of Culture , under the MEMM project (Moroccan Electronic Music Movement) , a project that aims to promote the Moroccan electronic scene through artistic exchanges with artists and professionals, Moroccan and foreign, production and trainings.

After less than a year of their existence, they conquered hearts and spirits and were part of nearly all the prestigious Moroccan electronic events and festivals = Moroko Loko, the festival Transahara … mixing along side the finest DJ guests who were invited to play in Morocco such as Danny Howells, Paolo Mojo, Martin Eyerer, Matthias Meyer, Djebali, Nick Warren, Gab Rhome, Patlac, Guy G, and Alex Niggaman.