1, Derb Arjan, Place des Epices
+212 524 391 279

“This is the best store when I want to bring souvenirs and gifts from Morocco. You can find a lot of good stuff: kass beldi (authentic Moroccan cups), sella (straw baskets), t-shits, organic cosmetics, spices, decorative items… The quality is good and you’ll be sure to find the perfect Moroccan gift.”


-Ghita Sarehane 

One of my favorites is Chabi Chic which has two locations in Marrakech: one in the medina, right by the Places des Epices and one opposite Jardin Majorelle. The shop comes with the tagline #lechiccestchabichic and their own line of ceramics, mint tea kits, a small range of gourmet salts, oils and spices and some fun Keep Calm and… posters. Brought to life by Marrakech natives, Vanessa Di Mino and Nadia Christmas, the line merges traditional Moroccan lifestyle with a contemporary twist. (via The Midnight Blue Elephant)

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