Essaouira, Morocco

“I would recommend spending a day in Essaouira, a dreamy coastal town only a couple of hours bus ride away from Marrakech. It’s perfect if you want to escape the madness of Marrakech for a day with stunning fortified walls, so grand they were used in the filming of Game of Thrones, and beautiful sandy beaches you can hitch a camel ride along. The town has it’s own smaller medina you can explore but the town has a real relaxed vibe, tour guides will tell you Jimmy Hendrix visited in the 60’s and there’s even a colourful restaurant dedicated to the man himself. If you’re looking for a bite to eat try dining on fish caught fresh from the sea cooked by one of the vendors along the sea front.”


-Rosie Slater

Essaouira (pronounced ‘essa-weera’ in Arabic) is at once familiar and exotic with its fortified walls, fishing harbour and seagulls soaring and screaming over the town. At first it seems as though this could be a town in Brittany, France… And yet once you enter the walls, it is also infinitely Moroccan: narrow alleyways, wind that reputedly drives people crazy, the smells of fish guts and damp sea air mixed with aromas of spices and thuya wood, women in white haiks (veils), midday palm-tree shadows on red city walls, and the sound of drums and Gnawa singing reverberating from shops and houses. (via Lonely Planet)

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