Henrik Schwarz



Henrik Schwarz has long been seen as a different kind of electronic artist, not quite fitting the mould of what you would expect from someone who has dedicated the majority of their career to house and techno.

With his recent Schwarzmann project however, he has pushed the boundaries more than ever before, arguably redefining what it means for an electronic artist to perform ‘live’.


Schwarz has dedicated almost his entire life to electronic music production, usually operating within the often interchangeable parameters of house and techno. His discography is – in a word – stunning; a rich vein of quality running thickly though it. And yet as consistent as it is you’d struggle to find the sound, technique or approach that identifies it as a Henrik Schwarz production.


The longer Schwarz’s career goes on, the more it seems he is veering towards experimentation; pushing back boundaries that for some are seen as a comforting box to sit neatly within. “As I’ve been doing this for a long time I felt I could try a few things out, still play my stuff of course, just maybe stretch a little further out and see what’s there.”