Karenn (Live)



Karenn is the newfangled collaborative project between UK underground provocateurs Pariah and Blawan.

As labelmates on the legendary R&S imprint, the two pushed boundaries of bass music, mutating the sub-heavy sonics of the genre towards the steadier grooves of house and techno—a creative conundrum rarely endeavored and achieved even less.


Together as Karenn, Pariah and Blawan turn their attentions towards analog techno. The duo gingerly bash out stripped-down, hypnotic sets that ooze with murky attitudes, tense vibes, and ominous vibes. In front of them as they bob their heads in time sits a barricade of hardware announces the great ambition of Karenn: that their harmonious racket can be achieved in real time, live, right in front of you.


Karenn are a force to be reckoned with and they take no prisoners on the dancefloor. Surely, Morocco has never experienced an analog assault as frenetic and challenging as a Karenn set, and the duo threaten to blow the roofs off of any riad within earshot this September.


Essential listening is Karenn’s recent Boiler Room set. Although they could turn a nursery into a dungeon with their tunes, the grainy footage and darkness suits their sound to the core.