KiNK (Live)



Anyone that has seen his beaming grin and childlike fascination with buttons and knobs will attest that few enjoy the act of musical creation as much as KiNK.

The Bulgarian is one of the most respected and sought after live acts in electronic music. His prowess and infectious presence when armed with Ableton, a TR-8 and a myriad of other musical toys has earned him back-to-back number one spots in Resident Advisor’s annual Live Act of the Year list.


Since his 2008 debut release on Amsterdam’s Rush Hour, the Sofia native has released scores of originals and remixes on imprints like Pets, Freerange and Defected, peaking—for now—with his 2015 melodic heater “Cloud Generator” on Gerd Janson’s Running Back.


Recent years have seen him separate himself from by the pack with an astute and lively blend of house, techno and, more recently, breaks and drum ‘n’ bass segues, in turn brushing off generally assumed notion that “Live” translates to techno on a laptop.


KiNK makes electronic music a spectacle in a way that almost no other act in our genre does, with joy and talent and little pretension. Through his sheer musicianship, and his giddy zeal and shoulder shaking, he not only encourages dance floors to lose themselves in the music but to enjoy the organic, improvisational and live creation of music rarely seen in our clubs and festivals.


Essential Listening: KiNK’s Boiler Room in Moscow is a real treat as seeing his frantic twiddling, sampling and button mashing is almost as enjoyable as the sounds he’s building.