15, souk Cherifia, Sidi Abdelaziz
+212 524 375 904

“Located the Souk Cherifa, it is a bit tricky to find the first time. The easiest access is when coming from Dar El Bacha. This place manifests itself as a huge lounge restaurant on a generous roof terrace, cutting edge mix with traditional interior by Anne Faveier , lounge music & and a misty spray system cooling you down in the hottest days. Global mix and moroccan food, count around 100 dirhams to 200 dirhams, …. and try the “pastilla poulet”. (no alcohol).”


– The Secret Souk


Hidden on a rooftop deep within the northern quarter of the souks, this all-day restaurant is a popular spot for expats, tourists, and trendy locals. The menu mixes Moroccan and international cuisine from fish tagine and tanjia (beef or lamb cooked slowly for several hours over charcoal in an earthenware jug) to pasta dishes, goat cheese salad, and tenderloin steaks. The contemporary variations on a Moroccan theme extend also to the decor—intimate cushioned booths are lit by woven lamp shades and decorated with modern artwork. It’s a good place for families who want a little space out of the mayhem of the souks where tired kids can sprawl on the seating. Spiced teas and coffees are served too—hence the name. No alcohol is served. (via Fodors)

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