MAR1 imposes himself as one of the best-known pioneers of the Moroccan artistic and audio-visual scene.

Marouane Khiyat (MAR1) is a multi talented artist. After getting his start for Chaîne-Inter FM, MAR1 quickly became a radio persona himself with the inception of his shows “Les Nocturnes” and “Hey DJ” , with a radio audience that reached millions of listeners nationwide and worldwide every week. Through these shows, Marouane selected, programmed and broadcasted the best of quality electronic and urban music.

MAR1 might just be one of the hardest-working individuals in the business,who also happens to have an impeccable taste in music. His charismatic musical personality caught the attention of the masses propelling his career as a DJ. In fact, thanks to his great musical culture, technical skills and versatility, he imposes himself once again but as a meticulous vanguardist DJ this time. As arguably one of the most renowned, respected and appreciated DJs in Morocco, his talents and versatile style of DJing have let him playing as a resident and Guest at the hottest exclusive clubs and have also enabled him to be part of major festivals’ line up in Morocco such as Mawazine, Oasis Festival, State of Mind, Transahara and Techno Parade.

With ears trained through years of experience, MAR1 shared the decks with some of the biggest names in Electronic music from around the Globe such Desyn Masiello, Nick Warren , Steve Lawler, Satoshi Tomiie , Guy J , Alex Niggemann, Danny Howells , Lee Burridge, Gabe Rhome, Franck Beckers,  Marc Romboy, Dave Seaman, Mark Knight, Chus & Ceballos, Matthias Meyer, Goldcap,  Eric Volta,  Hisham Zahran,  Muscumeci, MUUI, Lucca Bachetti, M.A.N.D.Y, The Drifter , Edu Imbernon, Simon and Shaker, Erick Morillo, Sebastian Leger, Andy Moor, Wally Lopez, Ivan Pica, Saaed Younan, Tom Pooks, Didier Sinclair, Abel Ramos , D-Formation , Java , Djebali…

Since 2010, MAR1 is a member of the Moroko Loko team alongside Amine K and Unes. Moroko Loko is a new ‘revolutionary’ concept which is actually making the buzz within the Moroccan nightlife and which offers quality electronic music sounds in an environment of an “Off” attitude. Moroko Loko is also a gathering of music lovers and hungry ears where the finest sound is to be found.

2015 remains the year of consecration and recognition at the highest level since MAR1 is part of the project “Moroccan Electronic Music Movement” of the same collective. A revolutionary and ambitious project whose aim is to produce and promote Moroccan DJs at the international level in partnership with the Ministry of Culture of Morocco and other institutions and musical labels of world renown.

Thanks to his talents and experience, MAR1 has always been in the front of the Moroccan musical scene and continues to perform and share his creative and genuinely unique style all over the world.