Mike Servito



I want people to feel it. I don’t have time for dull moments. I always want the sound to be dynamic and give me goosebumps and make me think, “Wow, I cant deal!” because the music is so good, you know?”

Mike Servito’s two decades of experience drip from every greasy, sweaty, frothy selection he picks out of his endless bag of house and techno rarities. The low key Detroit stalwart has become a fixture of the Brooklyn underground over the past couple of years, the champion of a scene and sound that knows no boundaries, whether they be musical or social. In the process, Servito has blossomed into a late career leader of the stateside underground.

Servito is the kind of understated presence who crafts cultures, but nobody even realizes until after he’s quit. The only difference being that the cat is now most definitely out of the bag about one of The Bunker NYC’s finest, and crowds around the world are flocking to the underground icon-in-the-making as he chews up and spits out genres like they never existed and grooves dancefloors like he has some long-standing vendetta against stillness.