Thris Tian



Even if you haven’t heard his name before, you’ve felt his power. Thris Tian is one of the central figures behind Boiler Room, one of underground dance music’s most cherished and respected institutions.

In his DJ sets, Tian maintains many of the Boiler Room ideals: Passion, dynamism, eclecticism, and above it all a raw, stripped down, and unapologetic ease to proceedings that belies his pedigree.


After earning chops under the wing of the inimitable Gilles Peterson and trekking from “Hackney to Harlem to Hiroshima” under the Boiler Room banner, Tian became an anchor of London radio station NTS Radio’s with his ‘Dark n Lovely’ Broadcast.


Now, Tian seems intent on emerging from behind the scenes and into the bright lights, from the radio booth to the big stage. All signs indicate that Tian will follow int he footsteps of his tastemaker mentor with multifarious projects and guises all over the world. On the way there, though, he’ll first seize his moment in the sun at our little Oasis in the desert.


For essential listening, check his Tea Time b2b with Gilles Peterson in Paris, 2014 and see if you can hear when the student becomes the master.