Resident Advisor: “If electronic music is ever going to really take off in a country like Morocco, then it’s going to need more events like this that put it and its DJs on the clubbing map. Expertly organised, easy-going and fun, Oasis felt like a strong step in the right direction.”



Thump: “Oasis is exactly what a dance festival should be: fun, inclusive, gorgeous, and perfectly curated. It was prepared with dancers in mind. Take me back. Please. Take me back.”



Crack Magazine: “Overall, Oasis had achieved what so many fail to pin down, by crafting a truly relaxing dance music festival. For those looking for the sun soaked, laid-back festival experience, it comes highly, highly recommended.”



Mixmag: “Just like the Moroccan cuisine, Oasis has expertly combined all the ingredients to become world famous.”



Festival Insights: “Woven into the fabric of the three-day event was a celebration of Moroccan culture and cuisine, offsetting any preconceived notions that this might be just another commercial festival transplanted into foreign territory as an opportunistic gap-in-the-market filler.”



Deep House Amsterdam: “Oasis Festival has all the merits in becoming a significant player in the international festival scene.”



Trax: “Mais au-delà de la musique, c’est surtout l’énergie des locaux qui nous a marqués à Marrakech. On a découvert que les Marocains et Marocaines avaient une envie débordante de musique électronique… Autant dire qu’on n’a pas fini de vous parler du Maroc.”



Telquel: “Trois jours de festivités aux allures de soirée privée et au rythme des mix house et techno des meilleurs DJ internationaux. Inédit au Maroc.”



Groove: “Das Oasis bringt sicher das Potential mit, zu einem aus dem Festival-Sommer herausstechenden Ereignis zu werden, eine erwachsene und unbeschwerte Mischung aus Urlaub und Party.”



TGCom“L’Oasis festival, alla sua prima edizione, ha tutte le carte in regola per trasformare la città marocchina in uno dei centri più importanti della techno.”